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Handful of MN Sex Offenders Could Transfer to Lower Security Facilities

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Officials with the state's sex offender program say six low-functioning offenders could be moved to a less restrictive setting if a court approves their transfers.
The announcement comes as state Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson faces legal pressure to reform the two-decade-old sex offender program.
In a letter to lawmakers Thursday, Jesson says officials have identified six intellectually disabled sex offenders who could be moved to a less restrictive, but secure, site in Cambridge. The move could happen next year with court approval.
Jesson says officials are also determining whether some sex offenders with medical issues could be transferred.

18 Claim Their Data was Inappropriately Accessed

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Eighteen people say dozens of public workers across the state violated their privacy by looking up their personal data.           

The group is filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Minnesota on Thursday against more than 50 counties, municipalities and multiple state officials.           

A statement announcing the lawsuit says "government officials targeted citizens based on their political involvement." The citizens say their data was accessed more than 600 times.           

Chicago Homicide Suspect Arrested in Rochester

(ABC 6 News) - A homicide suspect, who allegedly shot a woman to death in Chicago, was arrested in Rochester Tuesday night.

The Rochester Police Department says Khalila Southall was arrested after an officer responded to a domestic call in the 100 block of 8th Avenue S.E.

The officer grew suspicious when Southall gave a false name. The officer was eventually able to discover her real name and the fact that she had a homicide warrant out for a recent shooting in Chicago.

Police say Southall is wanted for a shooting that started as an argument. The argument took place at a Citgo Gas Station on August 26th, in south Chicago. Authorities say Southall eventually shot the victim twice killing her.

They say there is also surveillance video of the shooting.

Rochester police say they were aware that Southall may be in Rochester. She's currently in custody at the Olmsted County Detention center awaiting transfer.

Goodview Man Gets Prison in Son's Drug-Related Death

WINONA, Minn. (AP) - A 59-year-old Goodview man has been sentenced to prison in the drug-related death of his 34-year-old son.           

Jeffrey Schumacher Sr. was accused of supplying methadone to his son, 34-year-old Jeffrey Schumacher Jr., who died in May 2012.           

He pleaded guilty in June to second-degree manslaughter. A judge sentenced him Thursday to 58 months on that charge and 48 months on a charge of sale of methadone to a person under the age of 18.           

The two terms will be served concurrently.           

Under Minnesota sentencing guidelines, Schumacher could be released from prison after serving a total of 39 months.

Diocese of Winona Named as Defendant in Sex Abuse Lawsuit

(ABC 6 News) - The Diocese of Winona has been named as a defendant in a sex abuse lawsuit involving a former alter boy from Caledonia. The former altar boy, Bill Beardmore, joined his attorney outside the Olmsted County Government Center Thursday afternoon to announce the lawsuit.
They say the Diocese of Winona is named as a defendant because it continued to allow Father Thomas Adamson to have access to children despite reports of inappropriate sexual behavior with young boys. The suit claims Beardmore, who is now 61 and lives in Iowa, attended church at St. John's Parish in Caledonia. He says he was 12 years old when Father Adamson raped him in the early 1960s. 

His attorney, Jeff Anderson, also wants the Diocese to release a list of 13 priests he says were accused of sexually molesting minors. He says the Diocese has yet to release those names to the public.

String of Burglaries Has Business Owners Worried

(ABC 6 News) -- Five businesses, all close to one another, have been burglarized in Zumbrota over the past few months, and it’s leaving people on edge, especially businesses owners.

"I never thought it was going to happen to us and we got nailed," said owner of Shock City (the Verizon store) John Bucher. A few months back, he was arriving to work and saw glass everywhere. "I came to work and somebody threw a rock through the window here," said Bucher. Then he noticed a number of iPhones were missing. "One phone off display and the phones out of the back room," he said.

Gas Station Scam Update

(ABC 6 News) - The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department is asking victims of the Eyota Market gas station credit card scam to call their banks.

Nearly a hundred people had their credit card information stolen after buying gas at the gas station between July 15th and August 3rd. The sheriff’s department would like the victims to contact their financial institutions instead of law enforcement.

They say the banks are also victims in this incident. Investigators are working with the affected banks and financial groups as part of the investigation.  

Officials believe thieves were able to steal money from victims' accounts after hacking into the gas stations pay at the pump system. Several victims who used their debit cards had their entire accounts drained.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department is working with the BCA and the FBI on the investigation.